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Show Decision Makers That You're An Expert. Use These Ideas In You Gym Business Plan And Marketing Plan

Background To The Gym Business

Today people have recognized the ill effects of leading a sedentary life and are making an effort to schedule some time for working out and exercising so they can stay healthy and fit.

One of the most popular ways to do this is by joining a gymnasium. Joining a gym offers several advantages over trying to exercise on one’s own. At a gym, individuals have access to personal trainers, fitness workshops, workout plans and nutritious diet plans, all of which help to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

A gym has become an integral part of many people’s live by also offering them an opportunity to socialize, listen to music to uplift their spirits and moods, and work towards self-improvement.

Nowadays, gyms provide a range of workout routines, facilities, and services to cater to different people’s needs.   As a result, people with fitness and health issues and those who are overweight are visiting gyms to transform themselves.

Market Existence Test

Research shows that gym enrolments have increased by 18.6 per cent from 2008 to 2015. Research also reveals that 35 per cent young children are obese while another 70 per cent are overweight. This awareness has resulted in increasing gym activities.

People have become more aware about leading a healthy and active life. Exercise not only improves health, but increases energy levels and also decreases medical costs. The demand of this industry is strong and this is the reason a gym will succeed and prosper.

Start-up Cost For A Gym

Research is required before investing in a gym business. It is important to take measures that allows the gym to reach the break-even point quickly.

The projected start-up cost depends on several factors; size of gym, location, whether your buying into franchise or setting up the business yourself. Typical expenses are $175,000 for equipment, $3,000 for furniture, $1,500 for merchandising products and $1,500 for other costs. The typical amount for starting a gym will be in the region of $200,000.

Positioning of The Business

A unique selling proposition is the key to success for any business and it gives an edge over the competition.  To be distinctive in this industry, the gym needs to provide a family-friendly setting where single parents can bring their infants and toddlers to the gym and an employee of the gym will be designated to keep children safe and entertained.

Children of all ages will be welcomed, and parents will enjoy customized physical fitness programs. The gym will be open 24 hours and all days of the week to give opportunity to busy professionals to avail its facilities based on their convenience.

Useful Tips

  • Setting up a safe environment with suitably trained team is important
  • Build a family- and group-friendly environment
  • Provide instructions and training to first-timers
  • Ensure there’s a fun ambience and workout that members will spread through word of mouth
  • Create a pleasant, friendly, active, enthusiastic and full of zeal atmosphere
  • Addition of new programs and expansion of gym and gym activities
  • Provision of basic services like childcare, massage, cardiovascular, weight gain and weight loss programs, swimming, and physical therapy
  • Pass literature to schools, colleges, universities and even corporates
  • Offer gym membership deals to attract new members and to entice members away from competitors

If you are looking for a business plan template to start a gym business, don’t look any further.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

QUESTION: What is included in the Simple Business Plan Template package for a Gym Business?

ANSWER: You are getting the business plan template that has been our workhorse for the past twenty-three years… raising millions of dollars in bank loans and investment finance for our clients

Here’s how it works:

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