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What Is So Modular About The Simple Business Plan Template Package For A Car Wash Business That Make It Complete?

A Step-By-Step Business Plan Template And Marketing Plan Template For A New or Existing Small Business.

Creating a business plan can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This step-by-step fill in the blank system will assist you in writing a great business plan that will engage providers of finance.

Simple Over Your Shoulders Guide You Can Follow For Your Car Wash Business

We’ll never tell you to go write the “Executive Summary”, the “Business Strategy” or any sections of your business plan. Instead, we walk you through the entire sections so you know exactly what to do. You’ll feel confident in completing every section.

Fill-In-The-Blank Business Plan, Marketing Plan And Presentation Templates

All you do is… use these templates to create engaging planning and presentation blueprints for your business-Even if you’re not an expert writer of business letters, sales letters, persuasive reports and business plans.

Includes Business Planning Resources, Tools & Bonuses

When you sign up for the Simple Business Plan Template For A Car Wash Business Package, you’ll also get a FREE copy of the Excel model we use to create the financials (cash flow, income and balance sheet statements) that normally go with business plans.

You also get a video course on planning for success blueprints for seven internet based income models. These will help you with the business planning process and will answer the question “how to write a business plan”.


Let's Break Down Each Done For You Template And Why They Are So Compelling!

A Winning Formula For Creating Your Business Plan

  • What providers of finance expect to see in your business plan and why it’s so important to present a professional plan.
  • How to create a winning plan that wows your readers.
  • Our “Do this And Fill-In-The-Blank Checklist” like approach will guarantee you’ll have an information packed plan that maps the goals and plans for your business.
  • Our business plan for success blueprint is based on winning plans that have generated millions of dollars in bank loans and investment finance for small businesses.

Create Your Marketing Plan Showing How Your Business Will Get Results

  • What providers of finance expect from a marketing plan and why it’s so important for your business plan and marketing plan to tango.
  • The 12 critical elements you must include in your marketing plan and how to optimize them (hint: marketing agencies create advertising campaigns based on your plan)
  • What’s a “Lead Conversion Plan” and how without one you’ll be wasting 90% of your marketing and advertising budget.
  • Our “Proven” marketing plan template… just follow this template to quickly create your marketing plan that serves both providers of finance and your marketing department or agency.
  • Why following our simple read this, fill-in-the-gaps marketing plan template is the proven way to align the marketing section of your business plan to your stand-alone and detailed marketing plan.

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Use The Done For You Presentation To Quickly Create Your Own If You Are Asked To Present Your Business Plan

  • If you hate speaking in public and you’ve never presented a business plan before, this professional presentation will set your mind at ease.
  • Simply edit the presentation to suit your needs and you are on your way to persuading your audience on the merits of your business.
  • Wait until you see the video intro… you’ll only see this effect in five seconds cinema intros costing $200 plus.

Achieve Your Objective And Get Your Business Plan Read By Providers Of Finance

  • Discover how to get your business plan read instead of it being cast aside in the trash can as waste… that fails the financing test.
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  • Save many hours and hundreds of dollars slaving over writing a business plan and marketing plan for your business from the get go.
  • The quickest way to raise finance for your business… by following a step-by-step and fill in the blank proven method for writing a great business plan.

Take Action Today - Here Are Some Ideas To Consider For Your Car Wash Business

Background To The Car Washing Business

Even though people today have access to an array of automated tools and equipment that makes washing their cars an easy task, it’s not something they look forward to. Car washing can be rather tedious and unexciting, even with the fanciest equipment.

The history of car wash businesses dates back to 1914 when the first business was established.  Since then, the business has evolved with the help of advanced technologies, and has become easier for service providers to save time. With fast moving lifestyles that people enjoy today, there is a demand for quick car wash services.

Quick car wash is designed to come to the rescue of busy car owners. It is a faster way to clean cars while keeping the scale of economy intact. Quick car wash minimizes labour costs, but allows the service provider to offer value added services after the car has been cleaned thoroughly.

Is The Existence Of A Market Satisfied?

The way car washes operate has changed the market and the demand in the past couple of decades. The car wash industry has widely grown in the USA market due to advancements in technology. It attracts car owners from higher levels of the society and gives investors a way to invest in a service that is not labour intensive.

A recent research shows that 80% of car wash tunnels that were constructed are express tunnels, offering quick car washes.  To start a successful car wash, the business must have features that sets it apart from other car washes in town. Features can include highly trained and experienced staff or using demonstrable technology to offer superior customer experience.

Start-up Cost For The Typical Car Wash Business

The start-up cost will depend on the chosen business model; full service car washes, exterior conveyor car washes, self-service car washes, in bay automatic car washes. The cost of land and equipment ($8,000-$10,000).

Research of the car wash industry indicates that the business will require an investment of $450,000 to $934,100 depending on the chosen business model. This is the projected cost for equipment, property, structure construction, reforming and related miscellaneous expenses.

The funding will be financed by the current owner’s cash as well as long-term finance. The major aim is to ensure monthly sales of more than $35,000, which will see investors getting approximately 33% over the next three years to recover their initial investments.

Business Positioning

Most consumers demand quality and prompt service at affordable prices. This is possible only with the introduction of technology that helps to make something as mundane as car wash an exciting and profitable prospect.

Most male car owners use the weekends to take their vehicles to the car wash, and it is common for them to bring their children along.

To attract such clientele, it is necessary to have a unique selling proposition, which in this case would be an attractive galactic theme that will impress male car owners and their children. The theme should tempt car owners to make weekend car washing a ritual… just to experience the theme.

Useful Tips For Starting A Car Wash Business

  • To make the car wash experience amazing and rewarding, customers can be pleasantly surprised to see female washers wearing Star Wars or inter-galactic outfits. This experience can be based on say a set number of washes.
  • Invite father and son to bond and strengthen their relationship during the car wash.
  • The car wash drive-through will have fixed business hours to save energy and water, and come across as an eco-friendly and sustainable business.
  • The business should survey customer for marketing and business development purposes.
  • The company’s web site should be listed in the search engines so that people can find it in their area.
  • The business should keep the cost of car wash supplies (foam gun, soap, towels and more) to a minimum.
  • Offer different services such as; mobile car wash service, waterless car wash and full-service wash.
  • Offer car wash coupons to attract more customers.

If you are looking for a business plan template to start a car wash business, don’t look any further.


Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

QUESTION: What is included in the Simple Business Plan Template package for a Car Wash Business?

ANSWER: You are getting the business plan template that has been our workhorse for the past twenty-three years… raising millions of dollars in bank loans and investment finance for our clients

Here’s how it works:

Over the past twenty-three years, instead of reinventing the wheel every time a client asks us to write their business plan, we decided to adopt the “systems “approach.

When applied to writing business plans, we decided to analyze hundreds of successful plans (those that have raised millions of dollars in bank loans and investment finance).

Instead of starting from scratch every time our team is asked by our clients to write business plans, we just switch to our tried and proven system.

By following this process, our client gets a professional product in time to meet their operational deadlines.

You are getting the same business plan template that we use to write professional business and marketing plans.

But wait… you are also getting a professional presentation template as well to present your business plan.

QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?

Yes… all our business plan templates package have a 60-day, no-questions asked money back guarantee.

In other words, if you are not happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. That’s a promise. We obviously don’t think it will come to that, especially when you are getting our battle tested business plan template. Not to mention the $1,297 valued bonuses as well.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that.


QUESTION: Why only $47?

ANSWER: If you think $47 is too cheap… given that the presentation template alone would cost $200 plus… what’s the catch? There are three reasons that should ease your mind:

  1. $47 puts this resource within the reach of every start-up business, small to medium size businesses and not for profit businesses. There’s no need to get formal approval to spend $47.
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