Time Saving, Done For You, Fill in The Blank Business Plans, Templates and Business Plan Presentations That Have Raised Millions of Dollars In Loans And Investment Capital

Whether You Are A Novice Or An Expert At Writing Business Plans You Too Can Use These Engineered Plans And Templates To Be More Productive And Ease The Pain of Writing a Good Business Plan


Suitable for the following businesses: Salon, beauty hair, nail salon and hairdressing

Suitable for the following businesses: Daycare, childcare and nursery business


Suitable for the following businesses: Coffee shop, coffee house and Café business

Suitable for the following businesses: Clothing a line and clothing business

As an entrepreneur, you have no automatic right to success. This is true for any business, whether it’s a start-up or not. Every business needs help to steer and navigate its journey towards achieving its goals and objectives. In the world of the internet, the “build it and they will come” thinking is doomed to failure. The process of writing a business plan gives the business owner a blueprint or roadmap for his business. BUT it does more than that, it informs the business owner from the outset, whether his idea has legs to stand on. Why waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on an idea that is doomed to fail?

Whether you need to raise finance for your business or a management tool to help manage your business, you can save time and money by getting a head start by writing a compelling business plan. By using the done for you business plan and template for your business you can save time and money. The business plans for popular businesses included here are for:

bakery shop, catering company, cleaning company, clothing line business, coffee shop business, bar business, car wash business, construction business, day care business, food truck business, gym business, microbrewery business, pharmacy business, real estate business, restaurant business, salon business and photography business.

If you are told to “just do it and see by making your first dollar” and that you don’t need a business plan to start a business, think it through. A little research and analysis of your niche are the basis of writing a good business plan, whether you want to raise finance or just adopting the “bootstrapping” approach.